Cellfood Suggested Dosage

Published: 07th May 2010
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Cellfood is a liquid concentrate. Mix 8 drops in a 8 oz. Glass of purified water or juice ( if you use normal tap water, Cellfood uses a part of its potency to scrub the water 's impurities, and the benefit you receive from the formulation is reduced. ) Cellfood has a pleasant, a little sour lemony taste. Remember, Cellfood contains forceful, natural, organic enzymes- and should be poured carefully in its non-diluted form, as it can mar natural fiber clothing or organic surfaces ( these enzymes enable Cellfood to do its extraordinary work. ) Once watered down, Cellfood is safe if spilled on any surface.

everybody's body is dissimilar and every person has unique wants and because Cellfood is a nutritional supplement, every individual will reply in a novel manner. Optimal dose is eight drops 3 times per day. Many folks prefer to take 12 drops first thing in the morning and twelve drops in the sundown. Some people, including sportsmen, mix a supply in a water bottle and drink it during a workout or competitive event. Initially Cellfood may lead to your body to begin a detox process.

commence with the suggested dose. Dependent on how comfortable you are feeling with the reply you are experiencing, you may the neither reduce or increase the dose. If you take less, the process of detoxification will slow down. If you take more, the process will accelerate. You also may simply feel a very agreeable feeling of increased energy and/or increased mental clearness.

If you experience no difference when taking eight drops per dose, you can increase the dosage to ten, twelve, or more drops over a period of a couple of days until you experience an obvious reply. You cannot overdose on Cellfood. Because it is a nutritive supplement made of natural substances, the body uses just what it needs , and gets rid of the remainder through standard channels of elimination. A few individuals take little doses three or even more times a day to help them overcome a cold, or during periods of distress. Take Cellfood as often as you particularly need it.

hear your body's requirements and take it when you sense that you need to. When feeling run down or stressed, take extra dosages. If you have got to do some laborious work, have a demanding sports activity, have to stay up late to work, have to drive somewhere or entertain guests, etc, take an additional dose of Cellfood just previously to give your body additional energy.
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