The History Of Cellfood

Published: 07th May 2010
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the story of Cellfood starts with its inventor, Everett L. Level. Legend has it that in 1946, in a quiet back room at the Waldorf Astoria, level, a 32 year old microbiologist, asked Albert Einstein a question that had confused level all his life :'Why are we here
on Earth?' Einstein, who, according to the same legend, later called storey a genius for his contributions to science, responded,'We are here to learn and to grow. Life is basically a school. We find out what to do and, as significantly what not to do.' Everett level was, at the time, engaged in his own exhausting process of exploring the elemental laws of matter, of nature itself. He was creating a new frontier in 'water-splitting' technology- a technique that could cause oxygen and hydrogen to 'split' from one another and, another and, in so doing, be released from a water molecule. In the
gathering darkness of the 1940's, it has been said that the government asked level to turn over his technology to them- for possible use as a component in the race to form a hydrogen bomb.

A humanitarian and lover of life, Everett level vowed after the war to never again be involved with elimination of any sort. He made it a lab policy. His words were simple :'There are too many human must be filled to waste our resources on
negative pursuits.'

although this amazing scientist is most remembered for his contribution to the fission trigger mechanism, Everett Storey's most serious accomplishments were engineered to restore the environment and heal the body. He was an expert in the obscure uses of deuterium, a nonradioactive isotope of hydrogen, and knew all about the di-polar, di-base technologies using deuterium as their base. He was also well informed about heavy water and atomic binding force technologies.

After the war, storey and a few of his comrades encountered a more private crisis : they were dying from radiation poisoning caused by their exposure to harmful radiation. It was then that Everett level developed the conceptual blueprint for Cellfood. He
speculated the same water-splitting technology that he'd been refining for years may be used to fix a human life. By utilizing hydrogen's non-radioactive isotope, deuterium ( as deuterium sulfate ), and a full mix of needed trace minerals, enzymes and amino acids, he would create a solution, an 'electromagnetic equation', that would release vital oxygen and hydrogen into his blood stream, remove noxious radiation, rebuild his systems, and return him to health. Everett storey stated ,'It's time for the general acceptance
of the concept that even in some terminal cases, our bodies can- given the necessary building blocks- fix and reconstitute each living cell inside a span of eleven months.'
The same'water splitting' technology that was employed in the fission trigger technology was incorporated into Cellfood. He so created an oxygen care based on the ability of deuterium ions to self-sustain a catalytic reaction, one in which our internal body water is dissociated into oxygen and hydrogen.

The Cellfood formula in distribution around the world today is a consequence of fifty six years of study. Made from the finest plant substances, it is a formulation capable of holding its powerful elements in solution and delivering them thru consumption to each cell in
the body.

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